From credit cards and personal loans to business-to-business receivables, TELAN has built a name that is synonymous to collections excellence across industries and product lines.

Credit cards

TELAN boasts two decades of experience working with the biggest banks in the country to increase repayment rates in this high delinquency product line.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are extended for a myriad of purposes such as education, medical emergencies and major home purchases.

Auto Loans

The booming economy has given rise to the expansion of the auto loan industry, and TELAN assists in collections among those falling behind their car payment obligations.

Housing Loans

Housing is a basic necessity and loans are given with a lengthy repayment program for greater affordability. Some still neglect this obligation though.

OFW Loans

OFWs comprise more than 10% of the population and employment overseas have given them greater access to credit. These workers sometimes escape their obligation which is when foreign banks partner with collections agencies.

Motorcycle Loans

Motorcycles are a cheap and convenient way to traverse the city, leading to a surge in motorcycle purchases and loans in the past several years.

Business to Business Loans

Big companies transact with suppliers to take advantage of better credit policies, but their accounts department sometimes lack the specialization to collect from difficult clients so an increasing number are outsourcing this function to established collection companies like TELAN.

Online Loans

With the emergence of financial technology companies and the digital economy, there has been a rise in online loans. TELAN is one of the few collections companies with experience in this fast-growing industry.


When extrajudicial collection proves futile, the litigation arm of TELAN comes into play by filing the necessary cases against delinquent borrowers. Our lawyers and paralegal staff are experts in this area, capable of sending a strong message to debtors to settle their unpaid accounts.