Clients choose TELAN for our top-rated service that exceeds what our peers are willing or are able to offer. We attribute this distinct TELAN Advantage to our unique 5-point approach.

Pursuing Constant Growth

We focus on propelling your recovery business through our advanced technology and processes, highly trained agents and experienced management.

Unlocking Efficiencies

Always proactive, we look at what works and what does not. Even if you are already satisfied, we find ways to further improve your recovery outcomes.

Embodying Flexibility and Agility

Always on our toes, you will find us ready for any changes in the industry. At times we are even the ones initiating the change, and as our clients, you benefit most by being way ahead of the pack.

Delivering Results

We have carved a reputation for excellence, consistency and industry leadership. Ask our clients and you will hear our commitment to not just reach but more so exceed your collections targets.


With our visionary executive team, law partners, associates, managers and team leaders, the Telan agency counts as its loyal clients most of the local banks in the Philippines and is targeting clients overseas. Housed in its own building in Barangay Kapitolyo’s commercial hub, the agency provides superior services to its expanding clientele.


We owe our sucess to our family values and talented employees. As a new hire, we will give you training to help you earn as much as our top performers. We welcome fresh graduates with no work experience and call center agents looking to start fresh.